Paducah? Yeahducah!

This was this the first year that I got to celebrate Mother’s Day as a recipient. My only expectation for the day was to spend time together as a family. I was fine with that being at home in St. Louis. But after a lot of fence-sitting, I finally agreed to let my husband plan a weekend trip out of town. And he pulled it off like the rockstar that he is.

My Mother’s Day weekend was flawless. I felt cherished, which is all anyone wants to feel, but especially a mother on her first Mother’s Day.

We went to Paducah, Kentucky. Yes, Paducah. I know, it’s not exactly on the national radar as a travel destination, but it has been on our radar for the past year or so. Paducah runs ads on the local PBS station so our standing Sunday night date (watching “Masterpiece” on the sofa with a bottle of wine and a late grown-up dinner…aka, something other than Cheerios) inevitably ends with “we should really go to Paducah someday”.

Making weekend travel plans based on ads on the local PBS station. That’s how we roll.

PBS ads aside, Paducah also has something that no other place in the U.S. can claim: The National Quilt Museum. I know, right? How could I NOT go.

We went directly from work on Friday, picked up Miss M at daycare, and headed east on the 64. Miss M brought her just-finished school art project with her. She was pleased as punch to pose with it in the car.

Mother's Day gift 2014

I think Miss M was more excited about the trip than I was. We timed our departure to parallel her regular schedule: dinner about an hour into the drive, followed by what we hoped would be two hours of sleep and an easy transfer to the hotel.

Instead we were treated to three hours of this:

Miss M: Where we goin’?
Daddy: We’re going to Paducah for Mother’s Day.
Miss M: I goin’ to Ducah!
Mommy: It’s called Paducah. Say Pa-du-cah.
Miss M: YEAHducah!

My Facebook friends might recognize this as a variation of an exchange Miss M and I had recently regarding a doctor’s visit (Dr. Ryan? It’s Dr. Narayan. Say NAH-ray-an. No Mommy, Dr. YEAHrayan!). Heaven help us, this kid is already recycling her own jokes.