ADOPT Quilt No. 04

Quilt No. 04 in the ADOPT Collection has been done for quite a while, but I have been unsure about listing it for sale. You see, the day after I finished this quilt my husband and I had dinner with a reconnected friend and his wife. D and I were part of the same outdoor guiding program at college in California. It was pure coincidence that we both happened to land in St. Louis, and even more coincidence that we happened to run into each other at a coffee shop years after each of had moved here. My husband and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at their home. We met their two dogs, enjoyed a long catch-up conversation, and saw the room that they were preparing for their soon-to-be baby. D’s wife, J, showed us the bedding set she had already picked out: charming, gray and white, with bits of green.

And as I clipped a few loose threads on Quilt No. 04 and put it in for a final wash, I thought of them. I thought about how much D taught me about enjoying and teaching in the outdoors. I thought about the excitement they shared about the coming baby. And I thought of J, holding that bedding set and lighting up as she looked at its colors.

ADOPT Quilt No. 04 front

The center of this quilt is a cheerful citron green, surrounded by the white and gray arms of all my ADOPT Collection quilts.

Each quilt I have made in this collection makes me fall more in love with this tiny black and white gingham border. I do a bias binding on my quilts so that they can stand up to frequent machine washing – hi, I want my quilts to be used, messes and all. (Those interested in the reasons for straight-grain vs. bias binding might enjoy this article.) A bias binding also has the advantage turning the gingham pattern to the diagonal, making a nice running line of diamonds along the edge of the quilt.

ADOPT Quilt No. 04 label

I used a yarn-dyed charcoal color for the linen-cotton backing this time. The citron green on the center front felt like just the right amount of color and the neutral charcoal backing lets it shine. Yarn-dyed fabric is made by weaving together threads that are already dyed (rather than dyeing the fabric after it is created). This allows for two different colored threads to be used in weaving the fabric – in this case, white threads in one direction and an almost black thread in the other. The resulting fabric has a beautiful depth of color. It has an almost denim look but still keeps the softness and lightness of a light linen-cotton blend.

ADOPT Quilt No. 04 backing

And so for a while, I was torn. Part of me wanted to give this quilt directly to D and J, and then make a new component for the collection. Another part of me wanted to keep it as part of the collection and then create a similar one for them later on.

I’ve finally decided on the latter. Quilt No. 04 is now listed in the HIPPworks shop.

And to my US friends – have a peaceful Memorial Day!