About me

Pam Hipp about me

Hello! I’m Pam Hipp and mrshipp.com is where I share what I experience and what I create. My time is spent as a quilter, knitter, DIYer, epidemiologist, wife, and mother – all of those things and more will work their way into this blog at one point or another.

I have had various versions of a blog since 2006, with several stretches of active posting followed by blocks of silence. The earliest version was about crafting and the latest version expanded home improvements, decorating, and life as a Californian living in St. Louis.

All those various blogs and posts, scattered across various platforms, hosting services, templates, and writing styles, are now all gathered into one place. Here. My new place. Feel free to troll through the archives for spurts and sputters of my thoughts from the past 8 years.


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