Moving forward

The Irvin S. Cobb Bridge over the Ohio River from Paducah, KY to Brookport, IL from my first, spectacular, Mother's Day weekend.

The Irvin S. Cobb Bridge over the Ohio River from Paducah, KY to Brookport, IL from my first, spectacular, Mother’s Day weekend.

As hinted at briefly in a previous post, my work life took a turn earlier this year. My job, the organization I work for, and the jobs of some of my colleagues, are funded by a particular grant. When that grant ends, so does my job. If new grants are obtained in time then my job can continue, albeit in some altered form that fits the requirements of the new grants. But if new grants are not obtained, then the future becomes uncertain. In February, I learned that there would be a gap in the grant funds, and my job would either be altered or uncertain once September ends.

I am telling you this not to complain – because, really, there is no reason for complaint here. I feel fortunate to have a  job at all, fortunate that it is a job I enjoy, fortunate that I had 7+ months warning. I am also fortunate that my boss and others on the team are working their butts off to write new grants to fill, or at least shorten, the gap.

Rather, I am telling you this so that you have a sense of where my brain has been these past few months. I have avoided thinking about it too much. Sewing helps: complex, hands-on activity loosens the knots in my brain. And now I am at the point where avoidance no longer makes sense. I WANT to think about it now. So that I can take an active role in moving forward.

6 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. Thinking of you during this time of uncertainty. Your photos from the weekend looked so great. My grandmother traveled many times to Paducah for all the great quilting stores and community. We drive through every Thanksgiving on our journey to southern Georgia. We should make a point to stop and spend some more time.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. It is a time of opportunity for something new, whatever that might be, so that’s pretty exciting. And yes, Paduch! Worth stopping for some coffee or a lunch on your next trip.

  2. Right there with ya, sista. You’re right about keeping your hands busy to keep your mind from doing bad things. 😉 Miss ya! xoxo

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