ADOPT collection Quilt No. 03

Thanks so much to K from for featuring my quilts on her blog – you can see the post here. Her blog has been a constant source of inspiration since I stumbled upon it via Young House Love over two years ago. Readers of my old blog (hi, Mom) may recall that I posted about her blog in the past. She writes from the heart – about her home, family, emotions, food, goals – pretty much everything. We have never met in person, but I have literally laughed and cried with her just by reading her blog. And her house – omigawd, the house – will make you drool. I particularly liked reading about her ombre powder room, plans for an addition, and how a stair hall was turned into a celebration of childhood. And if you’re here because of K’s post – welcome!

The day that we first met our daughter was warm and sunny. It was after a usual workday but the sun still shone for hours after first meeting her. I remember being struck by how small she was, how enormous her two Afro puffs seemed in comparison, how beautiful her face was (and still is), and, most of all, how absolutely cheerful she was. She has been our sunshine ever since.

I attempted to bring a little bit of that sunshine to Quilt No. 03. The quilt’s front is centered on a sunny orange surrounded by the white and gray arms that define the ADOPT collection. That center is the exact color of the tangerines that my brother and I picked from our backyard tree in California when we were kids.

HIPPworks handmade modern quilt tangerine orange gray white kona essex linen

The backing is a sizzling orange. My sewing room has white walls and a skylight. I left this quilt backing-side-up one night. When I returned the next morning, the walls were glowing like a soft sunset from the light reflecting off the fabric. It was gorgeous.

HIPPworks ADOPT handmad modern quilts carrot orange essex linen

As with Quilt No. 02, I pre-washed the backing fabric to check for color transfer. No dye migrated to other fabrics in the wash, so I felt comfortable sewing it with the light-colored front. Now that it’s done, I’ll wash it again to get a delicious crinkly quilty texture.

Quilt No. 03 is finished, bound, labeled, and now listed for sale at my little shop. Thank you for visiting!

HIPPworks handmade modern quilts label kona essex linen

5 thoughts on “ADOPT collection Quilt No. 03

  1. You are very kind.

    I love this one. Are there photos of your sewing room somewhere on your blog? I’d love to see it. I miss my time spent with my grandmother in her sewing room. When I was little (but old enough to know I wanted to be an architect), I would sketch up sewing rooms I was going to design for her someday.

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