ADOPT collection Quilt No. 02

Thanks, friends, for the positive response to the opening of HIPPworks. It is a bit terrifying to put myself out there. But it is also something that I needed to do for the sake of my own happiness. Anna from Door Sixteen has described this as “Look at me, don’t look at me!” syndrome. So please, do look – at my blog, at my quilts, at my photos, at me. But don’t be surprised if I turn away shyly and start talking about the weather….

Quilt No. 02 in the ADOPT collection is done and listed for sale! Check it out and please tell anyone you know who might be remotely interested. It is described as “perfect as a baby quilt, playmat, stroller blanket, or wall hanging”, but realistically anything smaller than 40″ x 32″ can be covered by it for snuggly protection. Your cat? Yup, that’ll work. Your lap? Uh huh. An uncomfortable bench seat at Busch Stadium? Oh yeah. It’s machine washable and handmade – this quilt is meant to be USED.

HIPPworks handmade modern quilt kona cotton snow iron grey cypress

Quilt No. 02 from the ADOPT collection

This quilt has a minty green center surrounded by the white and gray arms that define the ADOPT collection. The backing is a cheerful and saturated green in a linen/cotton blend. I played around with using other colors as the center – an acid yellow, a hot pink, a deep forest green – but as soon as pulled out this minty color, it was over. They were made for each other.

HIPPworks quilt modern handmade kona cotton linen kelly cypress

Detail of center front, backing, and binding

I worried a lot about that saturated green bleeding onto the rest of the quilt, so I washed and dried it before sewing. I am happy to report that the color did not transfer at all to the other fabrics washed with it, which were other backing fabrics in lighter tones and a pair of old jeans, so any dye transfer would have been noticed. As an additional measure, I washed the quilt again after it was finished. The result is a soft, crinkly quilt with white, gray, and mint colors that remain crisp and bright. (Whew!)

HIPPworks quilts handmade modern linen cotton

The saturated green backing

See that little square in the lower right corner of the backing? Funny thing about that. I drafted a label design and sent it off to Spoonflower for printing on a fat quarter. I selected the standard printing and shipping option before realizing it wouldn’t arrive before my deadline for getting Quilt No. 01 to the fundraising auction. I panicked for a hot second before I realized “Hey, I’m a crafter. I can just make my own label.” The Spoonflower labels still haven’t arrived (my fault for ordering them late) so the label here is hand-drawn onto white cotton using a black fabric marker. I turned under the edges and appliqued the label by hand after quilting and binding. I’m actually really pleased with how it turned out. It’s sort of a final handmade goodbye from me to the quilt.

HIPPworks handmade modern quilt label

Close up of the hand-drawn quilt label

And for you quilt nerds out there, here are the full specs:

  • Fabrics: Kona cotton solids by Robert Kaufman in Cypress (center), Snow (white arms), and Iron Grey (gray arms). Essex by Robert Kaufman in Kelly (backing). Small Gingham by Riley Blake Designs in Black (binding)
  • Batting: Warm & Natural Needled Cotton Batting by The Warm Company
  • Thread: Gutermann Sew-All in Nu-White
  • Methods: Pieced with my sewing machine and all seams were pressed open. Quilted by machine with straight lines spaced 2.5″ apart. Bias binding attached to the front by machine and sewn to the back by hand.

Thanks for stopping by to look at the new quilt! Have a great rest of your weekend.

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