The HIPPworks shop is happening, people!

The HIPPworks shop is happening, people!

My day job, in general, is pretty terrific. It is interesting, purposeful, challenging, and I am fortunate to have good people by my side. But one thing I don’t get to do in my day job is use my hands for creativity. For me, there is a fundamental difference between intellectual creativity and physical creativity. I get intellectual creativity in abundance at my day job – solving problems, writing papers, building relationships, analyzing data. I get to be intellectually creative 40+ hours a week, and the time and priority of that is well-defined. But physical creativity has always had to be shoehorned into the already overflowing category of Non-Work Time. There is never enough Non-Work Time and the other things that fill it end up feeling higher priority than creativity. So after many months of thinking, dreaming, and overcoming fears, I am finally reserving a space in my life for being creative.

You guys, I am super delighted to announce my new little shop: HIPPworks!

There will be small collections of handmade quilts for sale. I’m intrigued by the idea of developing a concept for a collection, then getting to play with different colors and fabrics within that concept to make each quilt unique. Talk about scratching a creative itch!

I’ve already gotten started with my first collection of quilts: ADOPT.

HIPPworks ADOPT collection Quilt 01 handmade modern

Quilt no. 01 from the ADOPT collection

The ADOPT collection is inspired by the adoption of our daughter, Micah. She has added a bright center to our lives, and our arms can’t help but wrap around her and hold her tight.

This collection is a riff on the traditional log cabin quilt block, with arms of iron gray and snowy white wrapped tightly around a bright center of color. I chose to do the backing with a single piece of of a durable linen-cotton blend to add a bit of texture and also unify the colors from the front. The black and white gingham binding is just for fun! It livens up the solids and makes a defined border. Each quilt will have a different colors for the center and backing, but the design, the white/gray arms, and the gingham binding are the common links in this collection.

Quilt 01 is done and displayed in the HIPPworks shop…but it is already gone! To kick off this new venture, I have donated it to a fundraiser auction for the scholarship program at a local child care center. Quilt 02 is done and will be listed on the shop as soon as I can get good photos, and Quilt 03 is almost finished. I’ll add a blog post when each one is ready to go! I have plans and supplies for 10 total quilts in the ADOPT collection so stay tuned for more fun.

It is exciting to have a creative outlet. It is exciting to have a goal and work toward making it happen. And it is exciting to share it with you. Thanks, friends!

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