Blogging once more


I have had various versions of a blog since 2006, with several stretches of active posting followed by doldrums of silence. The earliest version was about crafting – knitting, mostly – and was used as a way to keep track of my projects and share them with the then hyper-active knitting blogosphere. Other versions expanded slightly to other forms of crafting, and the latest version expanded further to home improvements, decorating, and life in St. Louis.

All those various blogs and posts, scattered across various platforms, hosting services, templates, and writing styles, are now all gathered into one place. Here. My new place. Feel free to troll through the archives for spurts and sputters of my thoughts from the past 8 years.

And I’ve even sprung for my very own domain name: Fancy!

The most recent doldrums of silence lasted a year and a half. My last post was in July 2012 (!). Time to end the doldrums. Let’s hope for a good long stretch of active posting. I’d love if you join me for the ride!

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