Kitchen thoughts and ideas

I mentioned in my last post that I had several ideas on what to do next in the kitchen. Some of those ideas are already in the process of implementation, but I haven’t taken photos of their progress yet. I’ll be working on the kitchen this weekend and will hopefully have some good photos to share next week. For now, I’d like to share some of my ideas and where they came from.

1. Paint the walls white.

2. Incorporate a dark painted element.

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

3. Incorporate stained wood.

4.Transform existing cabinets.

5. Add more open shelving and increase closed storage capacity.

6. Incorporate fabric.

7. Replace awful lighting.

It’s going to be another scorching hot weekend here in St. Louis. Perfect for staying indoors and making progress on kitchen projects. I may even be able to rope Aaron in to helping me.

What do you have planned for this weekend? Got any good projects planned, or are you gathering ideas for future projects?

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