The path to happiness is paved with clean dishes

We bit the bullet and made our first major appliance purchase for this house…a new dishwasher! I am so excited about it I could scream. Actually, I did scream just a little bit after it was installed. This slightly alarmed our cats, but they got over it.

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s take a look at the old dishwasher.

It’s white, with a charmingly yellowed plastic top. Let’s call that “patina”.


The inside is also plastic, faded, and yellowed with age.


And the best part is that sections of the dish racks had rusted completely through, leaving a gap for small plates to fall out.


The old dishwasher has been like this ever since we bought the house. We knew it was on its last legs when we moved in. Since the house came with a home warranty that covered repairs on all of the appliances, we figured we might as well keep the dishwasher for another year – using the home warranty for non-fatal repairs – after which it would surely die a dignified and spectacular death. I imagined a scene with rattling coughs and spurts of smoke as the old dishwasher heroically churned away until – suddenly and with a swelling of violins in the background – it gave a final salute, and then stopped…forever.

Fast forward nearly two years and the darn thing was still going. But it wasn’t going strong. It would mysteriously and inconsistently stop between the wash and dry cycles. Sometimes dishes came out still dirty. It became evident that the dishwasher would not die with dignity, spectacle, or heroism. Instead, it would exit like a lazy teenager, increasingly shirking its duties until I threw my hands up in exasperation and no longer nagged it to wash the dishes.

I decided not to give the dishwasher the satisfaction of winning. Instead of letting it go play video games upstairs, I decided to kick its butt out onto the street and let it fend for itself. (Actually, the guys who delivered the new dishwasher carried the old one gently outside and then put it into a big truck. Don’t worry, you will not find a sobbing adolescent dishwasher outside of our house.)

And it in its place stepped this shining beauty. It even makes the green laminate countertops looks pretty.


I’ll be writing up a separate post with the details on how the old one was removed and the new one was installed. It was drama, let me tell you.

In the meantime, know that the Hipp house is now full of clean dishes, and all is right with the world.

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