Monogrammed Pillows

The thing about having a dedicated crafting space is that all of my craft supplies are corralled together. So when I enter that part of the house, the amassed craft goodies are able to call out to me to unison. “Use us!” “You don’t need to vacuum right now!” “We could make something pretty together!”

It’s like a birthday check sitting in your pocket. Burning a hole. An itch begging to be scratched.

So one quiet evening, I scratched that itch.

These small plaid pillows came with the caned chairs that are in my dining room. After making covers for the seat cushions, I also made covers for these little throw pillows.

The throw pillow covers were made of drop cloth fabric. Here is a shot of how they looked together with the seat covers, with cat-approval kindly granted by Arabella.

The throw pillow covers seemed a little plain, so I went into my craft stash for a way to perk them up.

I used a black thin-tip fabric marker to trace a stencil of the letter P. The stencil is part of an alphabet pack from the hardware store.

P is for Pam!

Notice that the stencil has connectors for the loopy part of the P. After tracing the stencil, I just drew straight lines with the marker to close off the gaps.

Then I filled in the letter with black fabric paint. Using a square-ended paint brush really helped with getting the paint right up to the line made by the fabric marker.

The process photos were taken at night with my iPhone. Sorry for the blurriness.

The second throw pillow was marked with a different letter: A for Aaron (aka The Husband).

One coat with the fabric paint provided decent coverage, but I added a second coat for a really dense-looking letter.

The fabric paint didn’t bleed at all, even with the nubby texture of the drop cloth fabric. I ended up with a nice, crisp monogram.

I’m so happy with the final result. The monogrammed pillows look great with the black pattern on the seat cushions. I think they lighten up what could otherwise be a very formal and unfriendly room.

And did you notice I moved the booze box from the kitchen and into the dining room? It fits so perfectly on this marble-topped table.

The throw pillows continue to be cat-approved, even with the added monograms.Arabella sleeps in this chair about 16 hours each day. We finally had to put a sheepskin mat over the seat cushion. Because in the Battle of Cat Hair, humans always loose.

It’s funny; Arabella always chooses to sit in this particular chair, never the one with the P pillow. Maybe A isn’t for Aaron after all. A for Arabella?

Darn cat.

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