From the Bottom Up

After I a bit of a sweep, scrub, and sort, the new kitchen floor was finally photographed. I adore it and am so glad I finally took the plunge and pulled up that old nasty tile. Now that it’s done, I am pleased to report that it completely meets all of my criteria.

Protects the plywood subflor? Check.

Cheap cheap cheap? Check. I bought six boxes of the the new tile (three boxes of each color) for $129, and I still have almost an entire box of each color remaining.

Can do it myself (DIM)? Check. Easily installed? Check. Easily removed when it’s time to renovate the whole kitchen in a few years? Check.

Fun? CHECK! It is so crisp and graphic. I feel like I’m walking into a cartoon every time I go in the kitchen. And I mean that in a good way.

This old red bench really pops against the black and white floors now.

The above photos have the kitchen table moved aside for a better view of the floor. Here are a few shots with the table and and chairs back in place.

As a reminder, here is what the kitchen looked like on move-in day about 18 months ago…
…and a close up of the old grody tile.
Looking at the old tile makes me shudder. It was a tripping hazard, an offense to the eye, and a hygiene nightmare all wrapped into one.
The one bad thing about this new flooring is that it makes the rest of the kitchen look dingier than before. The weirdly flesh-colored walls seem even weirder and fleshy-looking now. Imagine the color of a Band-Aid up on your kitchen walls. Makes you want to cook and eat, right? Yeah, I’ll be painting those the same white as the rest of the walls on the first floor ASAP.

The cabinets and green laminate countertop always looked liked crap, so it’s no surprise that they still do. The cabinets and countertops do have one redeeming quality, though, in that they are still in solid condition. So compared to the old floors, they’re actually ahead of the game.

I did take the flooring change as an opportunity to remove the cabinets on the east wall of the kitchen. They were only 12 inches deep and not very functional as storage or countertop space. The pantry cabinet is still there for now — it’s the tall cabinet on the right in the picture below. The white parts of the wall are where the old cabinets and floating countertop used to be.

Those cabinets and all of the stuff that was in them have been moved to the basement. We kept the rice cooker and toaster up in the kitchen, We Hipps love us some carbohydrates. The rice cooker and toaster have made a temporary and precarious home on top of the microwave.
The microwave cart also holds spice bottles and a basket for dishtowels and potholders. Pet necessities (baskets of toys, food bowls, a lidded pail for the dog kibble) are sitting on the floor between the microwave cart and pantry cabinets until I figure out something better. This jumbled situation is good motivation for getting a move on resolving this corner of the kitchen.

But first, white paint on the walls, and lots of it.

One thought on “From the Bottom Up

  1. Pam, I really didn't notice the green countertops when browsing through this post. You did such a marvelous job with the floor and then putting the table, chairs and the pop of red bench in that's just something I didn't even pay attention to. Guess though if you live with it day in and out, it would be a definite eye sore but one you know is fixable. Love what you're doing to your home! Carol

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