Playing Away the Weekend

Instead of taking photos of the kitchen floor like I had planned, we spent the weekend playing. It was bright and gorgeous this weekend — chilly on Saturday, but luxuriously warm today. We turned off the furnace and opened the windows for the first time in weeks. I think I say this about every season, but this may be my favorite time of year. I love when Winter just begins to turn toward Spring; when the promise of warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and more hours of daylight makes me look forward to each new day.

Friday night was spent listening to Lynne Rosetto Kasper give a talk and sign her cookbooks. It was fun meeting her in person during the book signing, but I have to say that listening to her in person really wasn’t that different from listening to her on the radio. The snacks were delicious (of course) so that made up for it.

On Saturday we had a run/walk through nearby Lafayette Park. The Lafayette Square neighborhood is full of head-turning old houses, so running/walking past them ends up being as much exercise for my neck as my legs. I didn’t snap photos while trotting along, of course, but do have a few that I took during the neighborhood holiday parlor tour in December.

On Saturday afternoon I went to Fabric Nosherie in Webster Groves with a friend who is as obsessed with fabric as I am. It was fun to see some of the fancy designer craft fabric that I usually only see on the internet in real life. We spent over an hour there and left with our brains buzzing with ideas.

Saturday night was spent at Franco with friends. The one other time we’ve eaten there was a Monday night and it was d-e-a-d, but it was hopping on Saturday night. Their French fries make me cry, but in a good way. It doesn’t even bother me that they call them “pomme frites” instead of fries.

On Sunday morning we headed south to help with the set up of Perennial’s store front. My husband is on their board so we were sort of obligated to go, but after today I am genuinely excited about what will happen in the space. We were tasked with adding the shelves to this unit that they had already Frankensteined together from pieces of discarded furniture:

We were also asked to figure out a way to add additional storage to the side, so I rigged up something with an old drawer and a couple of leather belts.

It ended up being surprisingly sturdy and can probably hold a lot more than the plastic telephone that we stuck in it for fun. I would love to try this at home but I have no idea where it would work. Kind of hard to strap leather belts to brick walls.

And now we are on the sofa, cuddled with the animals and enjoying the Oscars on television. I didn’t get those kitchen floor photos taken, but it was a good weekend anyway.

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