From one mansard to another

I just came across a blog about life in an old brick house in St. Louis. Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s not This Hipp Life. It’s what I want This Hipp Life to be someday: detailed, inspirational, and beautiful.

In the meantime, I’m happy with sloppy, amusing, and passably attractive.

Check out third story(ies) if you get a chance. The rehab slide shows are fascinating. These bloggers performed a total gut rehab — way more intense and time-consuming than we Hipps are willing to take on, but amazing to look at anyway. And that third floor kid’s room? I want to have that room, and I am 35.9 years old. Imagine how much fun it must be for a little girl!

So from one mansard to another…thanks for giving This Hipp Life something to aim for.

No, I was not asked or paid to write this post. I just saw the blog, liked it, and thought it was worth sharing. I don’t even know the person (people?) who writes third story(ies) although, based on the age and style of their house, I’m pretty sure they live nearby.

One thought on “From one mansard to another

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