It’s November and the World Did Not End

Today is November 6th. I did not finish all of the items on my October To-Do List and, guess what, the world did not end.

Here’s where we stand with each item on the list:

1. Finish painting my husband’s office: A paint color plan is complete and 75% of the cutting in is complete. The accent wall will be in black chalkboard paint after the hubs and I both flipped over this photo:

2. Do something already with the kitchen floors: Yep, nothing happened there. It’s still a sad sad floor. My coping strategy has been simple avoidance of the kitchen.

3. Autumn-ize the garden: The unseasonably warm weather made it easy to push this item back a few weeks. Everything stayed green through October, so we let well enough alone. This photo was taken from an upstairs window just yesterday.

All we did in October was rake leaves, pull weeds, and add two potted mums to the front stoop. Easy peasy. Today my husband planted bulbs and added a layer of mulch to the planting beds. I’ll cut back the hostas when it gets closer to frost, then cover them in more mulch and call it a winter. So this item gets a partial check mark for October!

4. Sew a slipcover for the living room sofa: This project went really well…on the first day. After about 3 hours of pinning and sewing, I had this awesomeness:

And in 5 hours total I had a finished slipcover for the base of the sofa, which includes the back, arms, and front. This portion used up 2 canvas drop cloths (size 6’x9′). Elated, I left the 3 seat cushions and 3 back cushions for another day.

I trotted off to Home Depot during the week and went back to sewing the following weekend, only to discover the new drop cloths were TOTALLY DIFFERENT. The new stuff was a different fabric weight and also a totally different color. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. So I went to Lowe’s the following weekend and, relief!, the drop cloth there was a match to my first batch.

The cushions will get done when the get done. In the meantime, we have an “interesting” two-tone sofa. The slip cover is removable, but I wanted to see how the fabric drape might change with use. So far, it’s love!

5. Put pretty things on the hallway walls: Nothing new to report here. Some daydreaming, but that’s about it.

In the end, I am not disappointed by what I did and did not get done in October. Would it have been nice to have these items complete before my my in-laws visit later this month? Yes, absolutely. But they aren’t here yet and let’s face it, they are nice people and won’t give me grief about an incomplete to-do list.

So what did get done during October? Well, I’ll save that for another post. Until then, happy November!

One thought on “It’s November and the World Did Not End

  1. Pam, Don't worry about the two tone slipcovers! Once the dog and cats get on them and Aaron accidently spills something, you'll never be able to tell that they are from two different bolts of material. If the animals aren't allowed on and husband can't eat/drink there, just keep the lighting low, lots of pillows thrown on and nobody will know the difference. You've made me tired just reading your “List”. Y'all are doing a remarkable job in your updating of things. To have your talent and energy. Ahhhhh…to be young again!
    🙂 Aunt Carol

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