Mid-October Check In

Progress on the October to-do list has been made, just not as much as I planned when I wrote it. I don’t feel a bit guilty about that, though, since the unusually beautiful October weather in St. Louis makes enjoying the outdoors an easy choice over housework indoors. We’ve been hiking with Lenore (the dog) every weekend this month. It’s been a good excuse to check out the areas just outside the city limits.

Route 66 State Park used to the site of a resort area called Times Beach. I didn’t know the history of Times Beach before this visit, but was fascinated to see how a former environmental disaster area was transformed into lush parkland.

We guessed that this slope is a covered over pile of incinerated soil, with a vent-pipe on the right side to let gases escape.

Former roads are now smooth, flat hiking trails.

This bridge is the usual entrance into the park. It was closed for restoration,but the temporary entrance goes directly under it.

The following weekend’s hike was at Castlewood State Park, where we checked out the Meramec River.

A single-track path – just wide enough for a hiking boot – cuts through a mowed meadow.

The trail we took climbed up the side of a hill and gave us spectacular views of the Meramec from above.

Last weekend we went to Queeny Park. Most of the park was nicely maintained but boring – tightly mowed grass, picnic tables, and paved trails. It was pretty, just not very scenic. The park is home to the Museum of the Dog – intriguing name, and there is a “Fido-friendly visitation policy” – but we chose to save that for another visit.

I will write about what has been done on the to-do list in my next post. Here is a teaser for now:

It’s not done, but like I said, progress has been made.

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