October to-do list

My gracious, September is almost over. Where did this summer go? I feel like a ton of stuff was done around the house this summer, and yet there’s a mile-long list rolling around in my head of things still waiting to be addressed. It seems that as one thing is finished, another two get added.

Maybe creating an October-specific to-do list will help wrangle it all into something actually do-able. I adore making lists and ticking things off as I complete them…so much so that I’ve been known to use graph paper for making check lists, just so that my check boxes are perfectly square and therefore all the more satisfying when checked off. No, I am not type A with everything, just weird little things like this.

So, the list, in no particular order:

Finish painting my husband’s office. It started out with yellow walls the exact color of rancid milk and a dingy white ceiling:

Hubs wanted a blue ceiling, so now it looks like this:

Okay, so the ceiling paint doesn’t look like a dramatic change in this photo, but the office is quite small so in person it is a big difference. I used Olympic No-VOC flat latex paint in Scandinavian Sky. It’s a calm, grayish blue. The walls will go white, although I might throw an accent wall in there just to mix it up a little. A bit of re-styling of the office furniture and decor wouldn’t hurt, but I don’t want to get all crazy. October is only 31 days after all.

Do something already with the kitchen floors. Previously discussed here. I just need to decide on something and commit, because the current floor makes me sad whenever I look at it. And I don’t want to be sad. Darn it, I don’t deserve to be sad!

Autumn-ize the garden. This includes cutting back hostas, planting bulbs, and changing out the plants in the window boxes. I have no idea what kind of annuals to put in the window boxes for fall, but this lovely example at The Urban Cottage has my wheels turning.

Sew a slipcover for the living room sofa. The cats think it’s a scratching post and the dog thinks it’s her only-when-humans-aren’t-home-dog bed. (Yes, Lenore, we know what you do when no one is home. Seeing you slither off the sofa as we unlock the door is a major hint.) The poor sofa is practically begging to be slipcovered. I’m thinking durable. I’m thinking machine washable. I’m thinking a whole lot more painter’s dropcloth is the answer. This goal is a bit ambitious because I’ve never actually sewn a slipcover before. But hey, it’s worth a shot. And I’m sure there are some tutorials floating around on the interwebs. (If you know of any, please put a link in the comments!)

Put pretty things on the hallway walls. Notice that “pretty things” is very non-specific. I don’t know what I want to hang on the hallway walls, but these photos have been saved to my Pinterest boards and are calling my name.

So here’s to hoping that putting this list out in public – where my mother and goodness knows who else – can see it and hold me to finishing everything on it. My goal will be to complete these items before the end of October. I think it’s feasible (now), but success will be entirely dependent on the magical combination of TIME + ENERGY + MONEY.

Do you have anything on your to-do list now that fall is upon us? Maybe I can borrow some of your to-dos for my November check list.

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