A diamond in the rough

Ever since launching a St. Louis house hunt in the spring of 2010, I have been a real estate junkie. Zillow.com and local real estate blogs are now in the rotation of websites that I visit regularly. One of the local real estate agents, Dawn Griffin, has a blog about houses that are for sale in cool areas of St. Louis or that are located near fun events. She posted recently about a house for sale near where we live that literally made my jaw drop. Dawn was kind enough to give me permission to blog about this house and to use her photos.

So much original and gorgeous woodwork! It’s astounding. I’m also kind of digging that wallpaper.



The stained glass seems to still be intact. I’ve seen stained glass panels from demolished buildings selling for hundreds of dollars on Craigslist. I drool.



Carved mantles, pocket doors.


Wood staircases make my heart go pitter-patter.


My next house is sooooo going to have a big front porch like this.

Check out Dawn’s blog post about the house and what it would take to rehab it here. The house itself also has its own website that has more photos and a floorplan. If you’re like me, you’ll take the floorplan and spend a few minutes hours coming up with make-believe furniture placements. Oh wait, did I just admit to that in public?
It makes me both elated and sad that an amazing old house like this could be bought and rehabbed for around $300,000 (estimated anyway). It would obviously take a lot of work, but oh my, for the person with enough gumption and cash flow, this house would be quite a memorable adventure.
So…does this make any of my Cali friends want to move to St. Louis? You can stay at our house while you’re waiting to close on the house. I’ll even wash the guest room sheets for you.

3 thoughts on “A diamond in the rough

  1. Love the wood and the stained glass windows. However, that wallpaper stinks! Why did so many people think that was the route to take years ago? The place we moved to last year had it in every room. Goodness, it was awful, but then again going from Charleston to The 'Burg was awful!! Then,the shock of leaving the marsh for this place may have made things seem even worse than they really were.

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