Expounding on The Good Crazy

A few posts back, I indicated that things had been crazy busy but that it was all good crazy. That’s the kind of busy-ness that I can’t complain about.

The primary source of good crazy has been this little bugger:

Oh hi! Oh hi! Oh hi!

Meet Lenore, the latest addition to our family. Our adoption of her become official last week after a two week trial run. She pretty much decided she was home to stay once she set foot in our house. We had no choice but to make it official.

For a family of four (two human adults and two cats), the addition of a dog has been a sizable adjustment to how we spend each day. But by and large she has fit in surprisingly well. We have had a lot of fun seeing the world from her very enthusiastic perspective.

I only have goofy photos of Lenore because she has a hard time keeping still, especially when a human is nearby and calling her name.

The Blur Formerly Known as Lenore

OMG someone is behind me! Hi! Hi! Hi!

 My name is Lenore and I look like a fox.

Another source of good crazy has been my new job. I started it last week and have been slowly adjusting to my new hours, commute, and workload. In this economic climate, I feel extremely fortunate to have a job, particularly one that is permanent, fascinating, and fits my skill set.

We have also hosted two parties at our house within the past three weeks. Party animals over here at This Hipp Life, and I’m not talking about Lenore.

Everyone knows that hosting a party is the best motivation for finishing those lingering DIY projects around the house. New exterior lights were hung in the backyard in case our party guests decided to venture out of the comforting cocoon of air conditioning.

The old light fixtures were very ugly and contemporary in style…not at all fitting for a lovely old brick house. The new fixtures have a more traditional look and an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

So even though the lights are new, they look old! Ah, the things we do for aesthetics.

Matching fixtures were also put on the garage. The garage itself is not old, so it didn’t look weird with the contemporary fixtures, but I wanted all of the lights in the back yard to match.

The old contemporary fixtures were also puny. Our garage is obscenely large and needed larger lights to balance the expanse of beige siding.

The new fixtures are still dwarfed by that giant garage wall, but it is an improvement over what was there before. The old lights are barely discernible in this snowy photo from last winter.

Hooray for being crazy busy!

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