Good crazy and kitchen floors

It has been crazy busy at This Hipp Life lately, but it’s all been good crazy so I’m not complaining. A few bits and bobs have been worked on around the house but I need to get photos taken of the changes before I can document them here. Some changes are finished, some are still in progress, and others are mere tests that are awaiting further consideration.

So until I get the photos sorted out, I’d like to share what’s been at the back of my mind for months: the kitchen floor.

Our current kitchen floor is made of peel-and-stick squares that are supposed to look like terracota tile, complete with recessed gray edges to simulate grout lines. Here are a few photos from our move in day to give you and idea of what the floor looks like.

It all looks fine and dandy from far away, but up close the floor is not in fabulous shape. It’s scratched and a few tiles are coming up at the edges. I am over it.

My dream is to lay down cement tile in a classic geometric pattern like this:

Photo from Granada Tile

Gorgeous. But, hi, cement tile is not in the budget now.

I’m also kind of in love with the idea of striped floors. It would give the same graphic slap in the face as the geometric cement tile, but could be created with less expensive materials. This example uses two colors of peel-and-stick tile to get the striped effect.

Photo from Design*Sponge

A painted design on the floor is also an option, either using a stencil to create an allover geometric pattern or freehand like in this example:

I’ve never painted floors before and wonder how to go about it to make it durable. Did anyone see the bed and breakfast episode of HGTV’s Design Star from a few weeks ago? The sad painted floors in that episode are definitely giving me pause. They weren’t durable enough for even the judges’ walk-through of the space. I’ll have to do some research on how to properly paint a floor. Maybe something like outdoor porch paint would be good for a kitchen area.

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