Seven for Seven

A friend and I went to Gypsy Caravan this year. It was back in May but the morning was already hot and muggy. I had grand dreams of filling my station wagon with oodles of furniture and artwork, but the oppressive heat and picked-over goods put that to an end right quick. We stayed for about an hour before calling Uncle.

I did manage to find a couple of things to take home in my station wagon, though. One of those pieces was a vintage 7-Up bottle crate. I paid a whopping $7 for it.

It sat in my basement for months before I got around it cleaning it for use in the house. Yeah, things don’t happen at lightning speed around here. But after it was hosed off and sat in the sun to dry, it became a perfect little booze bottle station.

Yes, there are forest green laminate countertops in my kitchen. Please, contain your jealousy.

The bottles were just sitting out on the countertop before this, and our kitchen felt a little like a fraternity house as a result. Who knows, Fraternity House Chic may be the next big design trend, but let’s face it…I’m a 35-year-old married woman who knits and has two cats. That style will never fly in my house.

I love everything about this crate. It’s sturdy and it’s colors and typography are so cheerful.

The paint is perfectly faded and scuffed, with wear marks around the handles from the many hands that used it to tote soda bottles. It’s also just the right width to fit on this counter area.

Not bad for $7 and hour spent hanging out with a friend.

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