Just a typical Saturday in St. Louis

Yesterday ended up being a surprisingly typical St. Louis day. Despite the extreme heat and humidity, we left the joys of air-conditioning and explored what the city has to offer.

The day started with a bike ride to the farmer’s market at Tower Grove Park. This park is a real gem within the city. It is full of walking and biking trails that wind through groves of mature trees, and hosts a variety of events in non-winter seasons. The summer farmer’s market is one of the most popular of these events.

It was packed!

Tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers, and peaches blackberries are all in season locally. (Edited to remove the duplicate peaches. Must have been a Freudian slip…I do love peaches.)

There’s a splash fountain and two playgrounds next to the farmer’s market area, so families with kids flock here every Saturday morning.

You can also get breakfast at the farmer’s market. The breakfast tacos with chorizo are AMAZING and another sells fresh-brewed coffee. Hi, breakfast isn’t breakfast without coffee. This crepe bus is a new addition. I’m definitely going to try them next time we go.

A dude walked by while I was taking this photo and blocked the “Holy Crepe!” painted on the side of the bus. Ha ha. This kind of silliness makes me so happy.

A free yoga class is also held on a nearby lawn, so you see a lot of people with yoga mats slung over their shoulders at the farmer’s market.

We focused on the neighborhoods adjacent to this park when we were house hunting. Two offers fell through on houses within walking distance to the park, so we expanded our search to more distal neighborhoods. Our house now is just a short bike ride so Tower Grove Park still feels like one of “our” parks. And given the huge size of the park, we would probably use our bikes to visit the park even if we did live closer.

A heavy thunderstorm rolled through in the early afternoon. We spent that time at home, watching water leak through a recessed light in our second floor bathroom.

Yeah, this part of the day kind of sucked.

We’re already on our handyman’s schedule for this week, so this leaky episode will hopefully be the last. Good thing the leak is directly above our shower…no buckets or rags required!

The rest of the afternoon was spent with our good friends at the ballpark. The Cubs are in town and our beloved Cardinals killed them 15-5! A Cubs-Cards series always means a full ballpark. I love that this rivalry is so civil. There’s no taunting or jeers. Just red and blue sitting side-by-side, enjoying baseball.

I also love that the Arch can been seen from almost anywhere in the stadium. Nothing like a mid-century design masterpiece to cheer one up on a hot and sweaty day.

The haziness in the sky isn’t smog, it’s pure moisture. It was like a steam bath yesterday.

Go Cards!

After the game, our friends joined us for Blackthorn pizza at our house. It was the first time any of us had eaten pizza from this place, and OMG, it was crazy good. The Chicago style pizza is kind of a double-decker deep dish, with layers of crust, cheese, more crust, toppings, then cheese. The crust ends are also stuffed with cheese. My excited anticipation and ensuing food coma means I forgot to take a photo of the pizza. It’s probably just as well because otherwise you would be drooling on your keyboard right now. You’re welcome.

So how did you spend your Saturday?

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