Because It Was 60 Degrees Today

BellasMittens (8), originally uploaded by Mrs. Hipp.

We had a “cold snap” today…dropped all the way to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warrants some ginormous cabled mittens, don’t you think?

Pattern = Bella’s Mittens from Subliminal Rabbit Free pattern! I love the internets.
Yarn = Horstia Mogador (discontinued). Frogged from this failed Marilyn Sweater.
Needles = US 8 KnitPicks circulars, using Magic Loop

A few modifications made to adjust for my big hands, but otherwise the pattern is perfect as is. More deets on the mods in a later post…

2 thoughts on “Because It Was 60 Degrees Today

  1. Found you through the links of the blog the pattern was on for the mitts, This is my first pair too!!! I messed up on the first one…so frustrating!!! I left out a cable somehow!!! Sigh…so I thought I would take a break and try to see how everyone else’s were turning out:) Need some inspiration right about now…

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