A test connection

1.4.2009 Cleaning the kitchen, originally uploaded by Mrs. Hipp.

Well Howdy! I realize most people who have been away from their blogs for as long as I have would begin with profuse apologies and excuses. I’ve done that myself in the past, after unplanned absences. But today, no apologies and no excuses. I’m just posting today. So that’s it.

Most of the time that has not been spent blogging has been spent at Flickr. The 365 days project continues, albeit with many fits and starts. Today’s photo features a recently finished knit of which I am quite proud. Thought it would make sense to share it here as well. It’s also a good opportunity to test out the “Blog This” feature on Flickr, which zaps a photo to my blog (hopefully) and adds in this text. Let’s see how it goes.

Pattern: Hermione Hat (Ravelry link) by atypically.knit, although I used the pattern in my copy of Charmed Knits
Yarn: Cascase 220 Heathers in a dark blue (for Ravenclaw!)
Needles: US 7 32″ Knit Picks options circulars using Magic Loop
Modifications: Used Ysolda’s tubular cast on instead of a regular long tail cast on. The pattern is written perfectly so there was nothing else to change!

This hat is my first experience with making bobbles, which thrills me to no end as I heard somewhere that bobbles cannot be made by machine and are therefore the true mark of a hand knit item. Is that true? Gosh I hope so, because otherwise there would be a bit less thrill.

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