Beer Goggles

Thanks, Mom and lekkercraft, for your votes of confidence on the Oddments Scarf. I’ve continued to knit on it, despite my horror at how it started. The point is to use up those odd ends of old skeins so the end result is less relevant (…she tells herself somewhat unconvincingly). I’ll send it to my mom and she can wear it while walking the dogs and use it to wipe the mud off their paws or whatever — because there is NO way this thing can look worse.

Although, after an afternoon of baseball and a big ol’ cup of beer, the ugly scarf was starting to look pretty good.

Baseball + knitting + beer

That’s me at a Rancho Cucamonga Quakes game this weekend. Minor league baseball is GREAT for knitting. We even got to see two major leaguers from the Angels who were coming off the disabled list. Pretty cool. More photos from the game are at my Flickr site.

Hmmm, ugly knitted project + alcohol = a pretty scarf. It’s the beer goggle effect, but without the morning-after shame and STD worries.

In other crafting news, this Mod Podge frame for my brother and sister-in-law got tagged as a Mod Podge Project of the Week! Super exciting!

StLuciaFrame (3)

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