(Pssst…Welcome to the new home of my crafting blog! I’m pretty excited. There is still some tidying and unpacking to do, but I’m pretty much moved in. Isn’t moving fun?)

Back in the early days of my knitting life, Michael’s craft store was THE place to get yarn. I collected balls of Lion Brand Wool Ease (Ravelry link) in just about every color available, usually without a specific project in mind. So I still have some of the OG* balls of Wool Ease lying around the house. Added to the Wool Ease are thrift store balls of unknown vintage, origin, and content. Can you tell I really wasn’t picky when I started knitting?

These loyal balls of yarn moved with me from Everett, Washington, where I first learned to knit, to Southern California at my mom’s house for a few summer months, to New Orleans for grad school, back to Southern California for Mr. Hipp’s grad school, and finally into our snug little condo. They have been waiting patiently all these years, sometimes pulled out to provide bits of color for a project here and there, but never completely disappearing.

Oddments Scarf Ball

Their time has come. It is time to unify these oddments into something useful, perhaps even gift-able. Enter the odd ball stole pattern and article of encouragement from Knitty. My mother-in-law told me about seeing – and admiring – a scarf like this on a friend a few years ago. It didn’t really click how it should/could/would be done until I saw this article. So now I have a ginormous ball of yarn, soon to be a ginormous (but hopefully pretty) scarf.

But there is still so much yarn left! Ack!

Oddments Scarf - Leftovers

* You know how I roll.

5 thoughts on “Oddments

  1. Yeah!!! Welcome to WordPress. I love it here!! WordPress rocks!!!

    On a knitting note, can’t wait to see that oddball shawl as my odd balls may find their way to the same place.

    Good luck!

  2. Hurray, she’s back! If you have any more “low class” yarn and are so inclined, how about knitting a cat bed. Mr. Sly is sooo big and he does not have a bed he can call his own. He would love one to lounge in on top of the washing machine by the window, his favorite spot.

  3. Looks very nice over here! Happy blog-warming party 🙂

    I have a lot of scraps from my cheap yarn days too. They wait in the stash for some sort of project. I am thinking of practicing crochet with them!

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