She’s Baaaaack

Things have been quiet at Hipp Crafts, but super busy in the Hipp home. I have WIPs coming out of my ears. Whose idea was it to knit 2.5 pairs of socks (more on that later), a scarf, fingerless mitts, and a hat in time for Christmas? Oh yeah, mine. Every crafter seems to fall into this pit at the end of the year…but oh what a fun pit it is. There are certainly worse things than having tons of knitting to look forward to.

So as I knit my way out through the holidays, I will do my best to not ignore this blog as much as I have the past four weeks. For now, here is something beautiful Mr. Hipp captured on our recent trip to Baja.

More photos of our trip on Mr. Hipp’s Flickr site starting here. (Can you spot me in my new Ravelry t-shirt? I also wore this great yarn-lover shirt.) Enjoy!

One thought on “She’s Baaaaack

  1. When you feel you “have to” then it becomes a chore that detracts from an enjoyable hobby. My advise, keep knitting as hobby, i.e. knit what and when you want.
    Love always….

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