Another Revamp

I was feeling the itch to re-do the colors on my blog. It was time to feel something light and fresh. So I picked a new template, selected a cool gray color scheme, and simplified the header with a close up of this:

Lovely yummy scrumptious stick your face in the softness Malabrigo in the kettle-dyed azul profundo (deep blue) colorway. The wound yarn cakes were sitting on my coffee table for ages, like a lovely piece of sculpture or dreamy photo book.

The gift certificate I got to purchase Wick yarn for Mom’s Guilt Socks was generous enough to include four skeins of this Malabrigo. This is my first extended Malabrigo experience (more than just petting it at the yarn store) and now I know what all the hype is about. I haven’t settled on what to make with it yet… at just over 800 yards, I think it would be a bit short for a sweater. Maybe a snuggly vest? Or a hat, scarf, and mittens set? But really, who cares — even unknit this stuff is great.

Speaking of Mom’s Guilt Socks, they are on the needles and progressing nicely. I’m doing them toe-up and am going to try an afterthought heel, partly because I want to see what it’s like and partly to allow them to be easily repaired if need be.

Enjoy the new look (we’ll see how long it lasts) and if you have some Malabrigo laying around he house, give it a good squeeze for me.

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