HP in the House

We got one copy of the book just after midnight on Friday evening. A 15 minute drive seemed waaaaaay too long to wait to crack it open, so I had Mr. Hipp read it aloud to me as I drove home.
We finished at 10pm (me) and 11pm (Mr. Hipp) last night. An excellent read indeed! I am sad to think that it is the end of the Harry Potter saga, but at least I have the movies to look forward to.

Speaking of which, have you see the latest movie in IMAX? We saw it before picking up the book on Friday. The final fight scenes are in 3D!

Sockapalooza 4 socks are nearly done and are simply scrumptious, and my order from Halcyon Yarn arrived. That means Mom’s Guilt Socks will be on the needles soon!

One thought on “HP in the House

  1. Hey Mrs. Hipp–love your blog! I don’t remember you doing a lot of knitting when we lived in NOLA, but that may just be because of what I was usually doing in NOLA.

    Dr. Chan arrives home from Mozabique tomorrow, covered head to toe in flea bites, I am told. I am counting the minutes.



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