The top ribbing is done. Looks great, but the bind off is too tight. I can’t even get it onto my foot! Grrrrrr!

I wanted to do a regular bind off for a nice tidy edge. The rest of the sock is knit on US4 (3.5mm) needles, so using US8 (5mm) to bind off should be loose enough, right? Wrong. Double grrrrrr. The next 30 minutes of my life will be spent carefully ripping out the bind off and redoing it in the stretchier, but less tidy, sewn bind off.

At least the yarn is still fun to work with. No pooling at 42 stitches to the round — love!

3 thoughts on “Grrrrr!

  1. Pretty socks! Another tidy bind off is the Russian one – p2tog, slip stitch back to left needle, p2tog, repeat to end. I always use it for toe ups and it creates a nice chain at the top.

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