Easter 2007

Happy Easter!

The North Carolina Easter Bunny (aka my dear mother-in-law) sent us a special package.

Yum-aroo! Our sweet teeth are set for at least a week.

Notice anything else in the basket besides candy and scratcher tickets? Yep, it’s yarn! Mr. Hipp took the hint and got me some very special Harry Potter-themed sock yarn from Dani at Sunshine Yarns.

From top to bottom: Colors inspired by Fawkes the Phoenix, a Welsh Green Dragon, a Swedish Short Snout Dragon, a Hungarian Horntail Dragon, and a Chinese Fireball Dragon.

This yarn is amazing. I couldn’t quite capture the rich colors on this cloudy day but I promise it is better in real life. Mr. Hipp has already called dibs on any socks made from the Welsh Green or Hungarian Horntail.

We’re going to spend the rest of the day watching the Masters on TV and getting some quality knitting done. I’m working on the curved front hem of the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I’m attaching the hem as I purl and bind off all at once; it’s a lot of keep track of but seems to be working nicely. Not having to sew it down afterwards is worth it! Sorry about the blurry picture, I’m going to try to get a better one taken later today.

After finishing the hem, I’ll either start right into the other sleeve or go back to the baby booties. Choice choices choices. Have a happy day!

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