Fickle Finger of Fate

A more fickle knitter you will never meet. The baby booties, despite the three versions — plus one more (failed) test for a revised Robin-Hood bootie — and some super soft cashmere-blend yarn, have been deemed a failure. The ribbed version just didn’t look nice in the end. It looked so…home made. As a crafter this is painful to say, since “home made” is usually a motto of pride. But this poor little bootie was less “hand crafted especially for you” and more “you’re auntie made this for you so you’re going to wear it, no matter how much your friends laugh”. I just couldn’t bear the thought of starting this child on a path of ridicule.

So I turned to blogland and came upon the Top Down Bonnet at brooklyntweed. Yes!

It was done in about eight hours…not too bad for a last minute change of knitting plans.

Lacking an actual baby to model the bonnet, I hunted around the house for something else small and round. A vase from our Costa Rican honeymoon seemed close enough when turned upside down.

The vase enjoys wearing the bonnet while facing forward…

…and turned to the side.

I am in LOVE with this bonnet. It looks home made in the good way. The parents of this baby are leaving the baby’s gender a surprise, so I figured the green stripes would be both gender-neutral and fun.

Now all I have to do is get this thing to South Carolina before Saturday. Ack! Think I have time to knit some baby tube socks before tomorrow’s FedEx pick up? Heh heh.

2 thoughts on “Fickle Finger of Fate

  1. oh the hat is awesome, I can’t believe you spent all that time with the booties and then switched. you are so dedicated, although I can recall some stocking ornament booties still lurking around somewhere. again you knitters are just so much cooler than us crocheters…but then again I haven’t picked up a hook in over a year so maybe I’ll pick up a stick next time!

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