Lake Forest Knitting Society

My friends were so encouraged by their foray into knitting that we have established our own knitting society!

From L to R: J is swatching for a fuzzy fair isle hat, A is working on a wide scarf, M has started a narrow scarf, C has started baby booties (she has discovered Koigu, aka crack), and I am making headway on the Sunrise Circle Jacket.

Our last meeting was just four short weeks ago. So I was SHOCKED to see the amazing progress C has made on her own. The scarf she started last time? Um, yeah it’s done and a totally huge and beautiful stole now.

C has also made a successful leap into more advanced knitting. She has now mastered ribbing and short rows. Check out her cute Calorimetry.

I’ve been eyeballing this pattern for a while. After seeing C’s, I am definitely going to make one!

Mr. Hipp wants to join our society, but couldn’t pass up the chance to try out somebody’s Wii.

After trying on C’s Calorimetry, though, he might decide to start knitting after all!

3 thoughts on “Lake Forest Knitting Society

  1. Looks like the Sunrise Circle is coming along. Isn’t it fun to watch it spiral down from the arm as you knit? I totally want to try out a Wii.

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