Eye Candy – Saturday This Time

How did I ever survive without the internet?

Our internet service has just returned after 36 hours. We had to find things to keep us distracted from our lack of access during this time: work, refrigerator bargain-hunting, a tennis tournament, and spending time with our Little Brother — wait a minute, who has time for surfing the internet anyway?

But it is finally back. Woo hoo! Alas, Eye Candy Friday was again delayed.

So here’s your candy for the week…as an epidemiologist, this sort of thing is tons of fun for me (click on picture for larger image):

It is a weekly morbidity and mortality report from an era gone by. I snapped this photo while taking the excellent tour of Plas Mawr in Conwy, Wales, last September. We do a similar report at my workplace that lists all of the reported infectious diseases for the week. While technology and knowledge in public health has advanced dramatically since this report was made, the same basic questions in epidemiology remain. When? How many? What caused it?

Notice the high number of plague cases (all deaths). What gets me are these two causes of death:

Broke her skull by a fall in the street at St. Mary Woel church……1



Cracks me up every time!

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