Entrelac Scarf…OC Style!

The entrelac scarf is all done. Yay! It has been chilly in Southern California lately, so the timing could not have been better. What to wear with a fabulous, warm, and wooly entrelac scarf when in Orange County? Why, shorts and Uggs of course!

Tree-hugging is optional, but highly recommended.

Don’t worry, I am far too old — and have way too much sense — to really dress like this. But if you have ever been to the OC when the temperature goes below 70 degrees, then you know that this is look is laughably common.

Here are the specs on the scarf:

Pattern: Entrelac scarf, a shrunken version of the Lady Eleanor stole in Scarf Style. After seeing how huge Lady Eleanor is, I knew it would be unreasonable for me to embark on the full pattern given my knitting speed (slow) and the local climate (generally warm). But a scarf I can do!
Yarn: Noro Big Kureyon, Color 1, about 2.5 skeins
Needles: US 10 Clover bamboo circulars
Modifications: Used only three base triangles instead of seven for a narrower scarf. The knotted fringe is shorter, too.
Size: 8″ wide by 60″ long, not counting the fringe

I LOVE this scarf. The preliminary uncertainties in width seem to have worked themselves out. The fabric is sort of stretchy in all directions, so I think the stitches just needed to get settled. It was also a lot of fun to knit. The directions in Scarf Style were excellent; it only took a couple of rows of rectangles for the pattern to click. Then it was easy street all the way.

This scarf looks pretty on the “right” side (left) and the “wrong” side. Brilliant!

BTW, I am hugging our own Hipp little magnolia tree, generously given by my in-laws. Talk about a great Christmas present!

4 thoughts on “Entrelac Scarf…OC Style!

  1. Ha–that is definitely an Austin look too! I blame Sienna Miller.

    The scarf is so pretty! And I always end up wearing my Lady E as a scarf anyway, so I might have just knit it more narrow and saved myself the bother. Smart idea!

  2. Great Job on the Scarf!!! I love it! I wish I had made my lady Eleanore Scarf Size because she would get more use, but I love her anyway.

    Love the colors!! Shorts with Uggs…too funny. Only in CA

  3. As someone who LOVES wearing Uggs (with skinny jeans, skirts, shorts…the possibilites are endless) I have to say I appreciate the style you’re sporting. I shun my bf who doesn’t like these shoes at all and will wear them forever! PS: LOVE the scarf and am proud you finished it!

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